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Fish traded to pet store and tank sold 09/2011
(Last Update 10/19/2011)

20 Gallon Long Tropical Fish Tank (12)

FilterAquaclear 50
HeaterHagen 150W
FoodTetraColor Tropical Flakes
Hikari frozen cube blood worms
Hikari frozen cube spirulina brine shrimp
Pro Balance Penn Plax Tubifex Worms

Common NameScientific NameOther Comments
2 Male Red Glassy BarbsBarbus conchoniusExtremely active swimmers. Almost impossible to get a decent picture of them without a good lense
2 Chinese Algae EatersGyrinocheilus aymonieriExcellent little cleaners!
1 MacCulloch's RainbowfishMelanotaenia maccullochi 
2 German Blue Ram CichlidsMikrogeophagus ramirezi 
5 Neon TetrasParacheirodon innesi 

Fish I Got Rid Of (6)

Common NameScientific NameReason
1 Agassizi Dward CichlidApistogramma agassiziiOne died and the surviving one started having the same behavior as the one that died. Before died I decided to trade it in
1 Kribensis CichlidPelvicachromis pulcherWasn't eating and hid from other fish
3 Pentazona BarbsPuntius pentazonaThey were red when I saw them in the store with dark red rocks, but changed to dull pale with my white sand substrate.
1 Gold GouramiTrichogaster trichopterusMoved him to another tank in a net breeder and the rest of the fish started being more active. I think they were afraid of his size

Fish That Died (5)

Common NameScientific NameReason
1 Agassizi Dward CichlidApistogramma agassiziiHe ate very little of many different types of food and was extremely shy
1 Zebra LoachBotia striataHe jumped out of the tank and I found him under the stand dried up and flat
1 Male Neon Blue Dwarf GouramiColisa laliaStopped eating and died. Still not sure why
1 Neon TetraParacheirodon innesi1 mysteriously disappeared and I have no idea why or where it went
1 Male Green Neon Sailfin MollyPoecilia veliferaThe male got some kind of disease and died

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