Courses Taken

First 2 years spent in Computer Engineering Technology

First SemesterSecond SemesterThird SemesterFourth Semester
Freshmen CompositionIntro to Computer NetworksAdvanced Microprocessor SystemsNetwork Management
Intro to Computer Hardware  Network Infrastructure Essentials
   Local Area Network Systems

Last 3 years spent in Network Administration

Fifth SemesterSixth SemesterSeventh SemesterEighth Semester
Intro to Computer ProgrammingLinux/UNIX Admin and ScriptingInternetworking 1Internetworking 2
Database Applications and Programming 1Visual Programming & DevelopmentWeb Server AdministrationIntroduction Data Structures
Intro to Web Page DevelopmentNetwork Design ConceptsSoftware Operation and InteroperabilityNetwork & Host Security
Essentials of Info SecurityProject Management Technical Writing 2

Nineth SemesterTenth Semester
Security ToolsInternship
Seminar Critical Issues
in IT