Activities and Projects at Alfred State College (December 2009 - April 2010)

  • Created CentOS VMware server in a test network connected to a trunk port with several VLAN's to allow switching virtual machine network VLAN's from a web interface
  • Did Troubleshooting for a broken failover Linux ISC DHCP Server. After configuring a successful setup of failover DHCP in a test environment, helped fix the Alfred failover DHCP
  • Wrote an administrative PHP interface on an Apache web server for an existing network access control system based off MySQL and Linux DHCP
  • Researched bandwidth management devices and helped the network admin replace a PacketShaper with a NetEqualizer
  • Helped create a PHP script to get bandwidth statistics on users from a Palo Alto firewall
  • Created a PHP script using SNMP to detect wireless users stealing IP addresses from other users
  • Traced down an old switch configuration command that caused several VLAN's in the Alfred network to shut down when a spanning tree loop happened on a single VLAN
  • Created Fedora Core 12 custom kernel transparent squid caching device with TProxy to save internet bandwidth