Summer 2009

Alfred State College Aruba Wireless Replacement

The wireless at Alfred State College was a mixture of 801.11b/g technology from different vendors.
A centralized managed solution with better coverage and faster 802.11n speeds was needed.

The Network Admin chose Aruba.

During the first month of the summer, I led a team of 3 people to remove all the old wireless access points, upgrade PoE midspans and single modules, and install the Aruba WAP's.

I choose the layout and placement of AP's. I tested buildings for coverage and speed while training the other students I worked with.

Peet and Braddon Dorm Room Data Re-Cabling

After finishing the wireless upgrade, I helped re-cable two dorm rooms as a co-team leader in a group of 10 people.
Both dorm rooms were upgraded from one 10mbps Cat3 data connection to two 1gbps Cat5e data connections.
I programmed all the Cisco 2960G switches installed in both buildings (About 30 total).

Summer 2009 Projects Video

This video discusses the projects done by Technology Services department over the summer.
The wireless and data cabling projects were only some of the projects.

Please note that the video says the cabling installed was 100mbps. This was a recording slip up that was corrected in another take but never put into the video.