Work Overview

SUNY Alfred State College of Technology

I was a student employee of Technology Services at Alfred State College for 3 years.
While school was in session, I worked at the Technology Services Help Desk.
I was a team leader that helped oversee daily operation and selection and training of new employees.
I developed high level troubleshooting and multitasking skills through working at the help desk with various client issues.
During the summer I remained at the college to work on special projects.


I completed an internship at Alfred State College with the Network Administrator
I worked with him during summer projects at the college. During the internship he helped me fill several educational gaps with great networking and Linux-based projects to prepare me for a career after college.


I finished my internship while working at Xerox as a Senior Technician/Network Technician.


I moved to a permanent position at Wegmans Food Markets corporate offices as an overnight Network Technician about a month after I started with Xerox.


After 2 years at Wegmans, I shifted gears and took a role with a consulting company. I started as a technician but quickly moved to a newly formed Data Network Infrastructure group as a Network Engineer.


After 4 years of network consulting at Ronco, I wanted to get back into a single enterprise environment. EagleView is a rapidly growing and exciting company that invented oblique aerial imagery and roof reports. I currently work here.